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Avant Garde Limousines & Coach offers top-quality transportation for all of your corporate event. Whether shuttling employees to the airport or chauffeuring award-winners to the big corporate event, the luxury and reliability of Avant Garde Limousines & Coach leaves nothing to chance. Our entire fleet of vehicles are clean, comfortable, and driven by professionally licensed and locally knowledgeable drivers. Contact Avant Garde Limousines & Coach for all of your transportation needs in the greater Indianapolis area.

Ride In Style

When you travel for business, you expect a certain level of comfort better than when you’re traveling alone. When you have a large corporate event, you might have many guests unfamiliar with the area or how to get to your event from the airport. If your event spans multiple locations and offices, you might need a shuttle service to transport large groups of people quickly. All of these common Indianapolis Corporate Transportation issues can be solved with the help from Avant Garde Limousines & Coach.

Avant Garde Limousines & Coach proudly serves the Indianapolis corporate community for many events and parties. Whether it’s at the convention center in downtown Indianapolis, or at your office, we can help. Our experienced drivers will make sure everyone gets to the right place at the right time, so no one misses a thing.

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Common Events Where You Need Corporate Transportation

There are a couple of reasons why you might need Indianapolis Corporate Transportation. If you’re worried that a limousine is not the right vehicle for the job, then think again. Limousines provide comfort, luxury, and privacy to your special guest. Check out our fleet, and you’ll be surprised at the range of vehicles we provide. From an intimate, and classic ride in one of our Cadilacs or Suburbans. You can also reserve a whole bus to move people in our Limo Coach. From there you can choose which will be best for your corporate event.


Downtown Indianapolis is a very walkable city. Visitors enjoy the many walkways and attractions that are nearby the Indiana Convention Center. However, if you’re expecting a lot of guests, you probably don’t want to have to pay for parking for all of them. Keep it simple by providing a shuttling service. You can shuttle people from a central parking lot to your convention or move people from building to building.

Out of town guests especially appreciate shuttling because they don’t want to get lost in a city they are unfamiliar with. They also don’t want to have to deal with traffic or foot the bill for expensive parking lot fees.

Corporate Retreats

The team that plays together stays together. Celebrate your team and their accomplishments or have a workshop at a corporate retreat. With Avant Garde Limousines & Coach, we can transport you and your staff all over central Indiana. Whether it’s a golf outing, a wine tasting, or a day just outside of the office, Avant Garde Limousines & Coach is happy to provide Indianapolis Corporate Transportation for your staff.

If you have a hard start time like a tee time, you’ll want to ensure everyone is at the right place at the right time. Some locations might not be able to accommodate your entire staff to park in their parking lot, and that’s where Avant Garde Limousines & Coach comes in. Our shuttles can accommodate up to 16 people. So get as many people as you can to get out there and have fun!

Indianapolis Corporate Transportation to and from the Airport

If a high-ranking corporate boss is coming to visit the Indianapolis office, then you’ll want to make a good first impression. That starts with arranging Indianapolis Corporate Transportation to pick them up at the airport. Our vehicles include bottles of water and the newspaper so your guest will be comfortable for the whole ride. Your driver will be in communication with you to let you know when you can expect them to arrive at the office.

Guest Speakers

Sometimes teams need a pep talk from someone that’s been there. A motivational speaker is a great way to get your team excited about coming to work. You can make sure your guest is well taken care of and is comfortable with a ride to and from the airport. Sometimes guest speakers are on a tight schedule and need to get back to the airport as soon as they are done. Our drivers will get them there safely and quickly.

It doesn’t matter if your guest of honor is familiar with the Indianapolis area or not, having a driver pick them up speaks volumes. You don’t want your guest to tell other potential speakers that your company is unaccommodating to their visiting speakers. Your guest speaker is supposed to motivate your staff. If they’re not happy to be at your event, your staff won’t be either.

What Our Limo Service Customers Say

“I travel a lot for work and use town cars to get around on my short trips. Avant Garde Limousines & Coach has always been there early to pick me up and has sent well kept cars and friendly drivers every time. In the service game, the only thing that matters is the last experience and it was extraordinary! I had to get from the airport to a business meeting downtown but my plane landed late. The driver was prompt and knew I was in a rush and used his best skills to get me there on time and stress free. After that meeting I had two more stops, which also had tight timelines, and they did get me there without fail. Thanks to them, I was able to meet all my objectives for the day and was able to get back to the airport in time to catch my flight. Your staff is great and look forward to using you again.”


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