Lincoln Continental

Private sedans offer just that – a private experience. Why risk getting into an odorous or unkept Uber when you can hitch a ride in luxury for just a small amount more?

The Lincoln Town Car has been the staple vehicle used for private sedan service. However, they ceased production of them in 2011 and finding a comparable replacement to the Lincoln Town Car was uncertain. That was until Lincoln revived the Lincoln Continental. The revival of the Continental proved rewarding as luxury sedans had until this point been dominated by German automotive companies. The Continental is all about comfort. It features reclining rear seats that have heating and ventilation, built-in sun shades, and a full-length rear console for the entertainment and climate control. This luxury sedan is guaranteed to provide you with a cozy, flawless smooth ride.

Detailed Specs


4 Passengers


USB charging port

Complimentary Water


Leather Interior

Full Length Rear Center Console


4 pieces of luggage


Satellite Radio

Free WiFi

Bluetooth Radio