Have you ever heard of a wedding, bachelor party, or prom night ruined by a group of guests who acted inappropriately in their limousine? We sure have, and those situations are unfortunate because they can quickly turn a fun experience sour for both the limousine driver and guests. Even worse, it often leads to damage or other serious consequences. To avoid situations like these, we recommend that anyone considering limousine rental learn about proper limousine etiquette to have an experience that is safe and enjoyable for all parties involved.

Here are our six best tips for riding in a limousine to have an amazing day (or night) out on the town.

  1. Reserve Your Limousine Well in Advance of the Big Day (or Night).

Booking your limousine well in advance ensures you will have transportation ready to go when needed. Furthermore, you can minimize the chance of delays or other inconvenient surprises by booking in advance, which helps ensure your plans go smoothly.

  1. Be Courteous to Your Driver.

Your driver is there to make sure you get to and from your planned destination(s) safely and on time. It is absolutely essential to be courteous and respectful of your driver. They are hard-working individuals who specialize in transport, and they deserve to be able to work in a safe and dignified manner. Please refrain from name-calling or other acts of aggression toward your limousine driver. Tipping is also a great way to show your driver appreciation for their service.

  1. Be Respectful of Time.

Be on time for your pickup and request that your guests do so as well because being on time allows you to get to and from your destinations more easily and reduces stress for your driver.

  1. Save the Best Seats in the Limousine for Guest(s) of Honor.

Sure, everyone wants the best seats in the house, but if you are not the guest of honor, save the best seats in the limo for the passengers who are.

  1. Don’t Go Overboard With Alcohol Consumption.

We understand that most adult celebrations involve alcohol, but we recommend not going overboard with drinks to lessen the chances of illness, injury, and property damage. Drunkenness and unruly behavior can put you, your guests, and your driver into dangerous situations that could be avoided by responsible drinking.

  1. Get Serious About Safety

Keeping with the theme of safety, we ask that you and your guests respect the rules of the limousine company. This includes not sticking body parts outside the vehicle, getting out of the limousine in undesignated stopping areas, or engaging in littering from the limousine. Safety should be a priority when having a fun and memorable limousine ride.

Your Luxury Limousine Rental Is a Phone Call Away

Remember that your big day (or night) should be memorable and enjoyable, not tarnished with drama, chaos, or injury. At Avant Garde Limousines & Coach, we take great pride in being a part of our client’s special occasions, and we would be happy to accommodate you and your guests, especially with the proper limousine etiquette.

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