For everyone, their birthday is special. It’s a day that’s all about them. And while you or your friends might not usually make a fuss about your birthday every year, there are some big milestone birthdays that should be celebrated with a Birthday Party Indianapolis. We’re breaking down the best birthday events for every age.

Avant Garde Limousines & Coach is here to make your special day even more special with birthday party transportation. Our professional drivers and spotless limos will make you feel excited about living it up on your birthday. Contact Avant Garde Limousines & Coach today to make your Birthday Party Indianapolis reservation.


At certain ages, certain cultures determine when adulthood starts. For Jewish children, the 13th birthday is when they have a Bar/Bat Mitzvah. In many Hispanic cultures, at fifteen, a girl becomes a woman. An American tradition is to have a sweet 16 is a right of passage. Some families roll their child’s 18th birthday and graduation party into one big celebration. Whichever age you want to kick off your child’s ascent into adulthood, getting a limousine for their Birthday Party Indianapolis will make it a little extra special.

When you’re a kid, you don’t get to ride in limousines often. Most kids associate limousines with weddings or prom and most kids haven’t been to a lot of weddings before their 18. There is a decent chance that this is your child’s first time riding in style. The guest of honor will arrive in style and get the party started. If you’re doing a Hollywood or rock star theme for your party, your child will feel like a celebrity!


When you turn twenty-one you finally have the ability to drink legally. Having a wild Twenty-First birthday is an initiation into adulthood that is best done with lots of friends. When you have a big group for your Birthday Party Indianapolis then you’ll need a vehicle that can accommodate all of you.

Our Lincoln MKT Limo can accommodate up to 8 people for a night of fun. It includes bar areas, leather seats, and LED lights to keep the party going between stops. Throughout the night your driver will stay with you and keep in contact with you to keep you on schedule. Trusting in a professional driver will ensure that your night will be a fun and safe night as you celebrate to the fullest extent.



If you’re going over the hill, why not do it in style? Forty is one of those years where you start realizing that you haven’t been living life to the fullest. Turn your dread of hitting forty into a fun night by riding in a limousine. You will feel special and pampers as you celebrate.

At Forty, you might not want to have a big party or drink like you used to. There are still so many fun activities that you can do for your Birthday Party Indianapolis that are enhanced when you rent a limousine for the celebration. At Avant Garde Limousines & Coach, we love taking groups of people on Wine tours and Kentucky Bourbon Trail tours for their birthdays. We chart out the route ahead of time and we’ll get you to every stop and home safely.

Often for Birthday Party Indianapolis, we’ll take groups out for day trips to the casino or the golf course for an outing with friends. Our Executive Limo Coach and Transit Sprinter Limo can accommodate between 14 and 16 people. Making your birthday a blast with a great group of people.


Whether you’re turning 10 or 100, we want to celebrate with you! Our fleet can make your evening as intimate or as crowded as you want. We’ve got vehicles for every mood and celebration. Call Avant Garde Limousines & Coach today to make your Birthday Party Indianapolis one you’ll never forget.

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