Graduation is a big deal. Not just for your child, but your entire family. Your child has succeeded through school with long study sessions, sports practices, and extracurricular activities. Show them how proud of them you are with a ride in an Indianapolis Graduation Limousine from Avant Garde Limousines & Coach. Your child will feel extra special as they ride towards their graduation ceremony and party in style.

Avant Garde Limousines & Coach is a local Indianapolis company with experienced chauffeurs that are familiar with Central Indiana School districts. Our drivers will make sure your child arrives in their cap and gown to their ceremony on time and in style.


On the day of graduation, parents usually don’t see their child most of the day. Students might have to arrive early to line up while parents wait around. If you’re a busy parent with younger children or a lot of family members to coordinate, a limousine is a great option to minimize your wait time before graduation. With graduation being such a popular time, we recommend making your reservation 2-4 weeks in advance to lock in the best vehicle for the best price.

Your chauffeur will arrive at your designated pickup location on time. Communicate with the driver to let them know where your graduate needs to be where and when. Relax while your student enjoys the comforts of a modern Indianapolis Graduation Limousine while you finish getting yourself and the rest of the family ready to go to the ceremony.

Before the ceremony, the whole school will be trying to get to the same place at once. With a limousine, you don’t have to worry about your child being late to the ceremony. If you’re trying to wrangle the whole family in the car as well as your graduate, getting stuck in traffic at the school could cause more stress on a big day. Our limousine drivers will drop your child off right at the main entrance. Some graduations are so large that the family might have to sit far away or in a different building than graduation. If you need to park far away, your child might be sweating in their gown as they run across the parking lot to line up on time. For time’s sake, it’s a smart idea to get a driver to get them there on time.


Families love to celebrate the new graduate in the family. Many families save on graduation parties by having combined parties that celebrate multiple graduates. Give your graduate and their friends a celebration worthy of all they’ve accomplished. Make it like prom and get all the friends together for some memorable pictures in their caps and gowns. It will truly be a moment they’ll remember forever.

With Avant Garde Limousines & Coach, splitting an Indianapolis Graduation Limousine has never been easier. Our prices are upfront and all-inclusive so there are no hidden fees or surprises at the end. Including tips! Once you contact us for pricing, all you need is a credit card to reserve your date. From there you can tell the other parents what they each owe. Everyone will be so appreciative of your thoughtfulness and preparation.


The whole family is in town for your graduation, so while they’re all in one place, why not have your child’s graduation party the same day. When your graduate returns from the ceremony to their party, they’ll feel like a rock star. They’ll love the attention they get from a limo as well as riding in luxury all day.

Many parents throw graduation parties on the day of graduation, and you might be surprised by how fast your student’s day fills up. Going to graduation parties is a rite of passage and the last opportunity to say goodbye to their friends. At Avant Garde Limousines & Coach, a day covers 10 hours. Let your child run the show for the day and plan the route with the chauffer so they can hit up all the best parties throughout the day.

Many parents worry about the dangers of drinking and driving on graduation day. With lots of parties going on, if kids aren’t drinking, their parents might be. With a professional and alert driver to keep your child safe on the road. If your student does drink, you’ll be happy knowing that they are not going to get behind the wheel of a car all day.


Avant Garde Limousines & Coach’s fleet of vehicles is perfect for any celebration. Whether you want a small vehicle to fit 5 passengers or a larger vehicle that holds 16, we have a vehicle that fits your needs. Your graduate will feel accomplished and special with an Indianapolis Graduation Limousine that you won’t even need to tell them how proud you are of them, they’ll know. Call Avant-Garde to reserve your graduate’s ride today.

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