Corporate events are a great opportunity for your staff. Everyone loves an opportunity to get out of the office even it’s for a workshop or a guest speaker. Never underestimate the power of a free lunch. If you’re the person responsible for planning your office’s corporate events, don’t forget to find Corporate Transportation for your event. There are many scenarios where it is advantageous to have a designated car and driver for your company event. As the company event planner, you can only handle so much at a time. Leave this task to the professional driver at Avant Garde Limousines & Coach so you can focus on the more important details of your corporate event.


Everyone knows how to get to the office from their house. Your staff could probably drive to work with their eyes closed. If you have your staff meeting offsite, your staff might have questions. What time should we get there? What is the traffic like in that part of town? Where should we park? Are we coming back to the office afterward?

You can eliminate Corporate Transportation headaches for your event when you hire professional transportation. You can eliminate parking problems by having a shuttle move your staff from your office to the venue. This eliminates the confusion amongst your staff about where to go, and you can create more parking spaces for those who do want to drive themselves.

If your corporate event is far away from the office and shuttling everyone to the event is not possible, you could also consider getting a parking shuttle to go from the parking lot to the venue. This is a great idea if parking is hard to find around your event venue. Reserve a lot and give your staff directions for how to get to that lot and from there a shuttle will bring them to the venue. This will eliminate the possibility of your staff getting lost or showing up to the conference late. Make sure everyone arrives on time ready to participate with prompt professional transportation services.


Whether your corporate event is at your office or at an outside venue, you might have arranged for a guest speaker to engage with your staff.

It doesn’t matter if this person is a Hollywood hot-shot, famous athlete, author, or the company owner. Your special guest took time from their busy schedule to interact with your team. Show them your appreciation by giving them the professional courtesy of arranging Corporate Transportation for them to bring them to your event. It doesn’t matter if your guest of honor is familiar with the Indianapolis area or not, having a driver pick them up speaks volumes. You don’t want your guest to tell other potential speakers that your company is unaccommodating to their visiting speakers. Your guest speaker is supposed to motivate your staff. If they’re not happy to be at your event, your staff won’t be either.

If you have a professional athlete speak at your conference, then arranging a ride for them is a must. Jim in Accounting might have a really nice BMW sedan, but when he has to pick up Shaquille O’Neil at the airport, his car might not accommodate such a large person. Although on television they don’t seem that big, professional athletes are usually tall and muscular people. Make sure your vehicle can accommodate any sized guest that is visiting just for your event.

Hiring Corporate Transportation is not only a good idea to prevent your speaker from being lost, but it is also a great idea to make them comfortable. You’ll never know what your guest will request until you see them. Take the stress of appeasing your guest off your shoulders and let them be comfortable in a luxurious vehicle that drops them off at a hotel. If your speaker needs anything they can easily ask the hotel staff instead of bothering you constantly. You’ll just need to check in on them periodically.



Not every corporate event is a big conference for your entire staff. The salespeople might want to treat their best clients to a golf outing complete with a nice lunch. Wine and dine your clients in the best way with Corporate Transportation to golf outings or other special events. Because everyone knows that the real business gets done on the golf course.

If your day plans involve driving far away for your retreat, our sprinter limos can comfortably seat 14 people. Our vehicles offer amenities such as Direct-TV, so your it will seem like it took no time at all to get to your destination. This will leave a lasting impression with your clients, and they’ll want to do business with you again soon.


If you’re looking for shuttle service, retreat transportation, or an airport pick up, call Avant Garde Limousines & Coach for all of your Corporate Transportation needs. Be sure to call 3 months ahead of your event to lock in your date and secure the best rates. Our friendly staff will be happy to accommodate all your needs and will ensure that everyone who rides in our vehicles will experience excellent service.

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