Everyone in Indianapolis looks forward to the largest party of the year, the Indianapolis 500. Whether you’re a race fan or not, participating in the Indianapolis 500 festivities are something you have to at least once. So when it comes to getting in and out of the speedway, it can be a nightmare. Securing parking or Indy 500 Transportation Services is essential if you want to go to the biggest party in the state. Calling Avant Garde Limousines & Coach to see you safely to and from the track will keep your day fun without any long delays or interruptions.




Traditionally, the Indianapolis 500 is on Memorial Day weekend, however, this year it has currently been pushed back to August 24th. This is a unique change, but the warmer weather will probably bring out even more people. August tends to be a lot hotter than May, so this year’s Indy 500, might be the year to get Indy 500 Transportation Services for a number of reasons.


If you’re thinking of parking and walking or getting shuttled to the speedway, you’re still going to have to wait in line to get in. You can beat the largest of the crowds by going earlier in the day, but you might not want to carry around a whole day’s worth of food in your cooler.

Rideshare services are designated to pick-up and drop off at certain areas outside the track. If your Uber driver drops you off far away from the track, and then you have to walk and wait in lines as well, you’re probably going to feel very hot and tired by the time you get inside.

Avoid all of these problems when you reserve a limousine or limo coach from Avant Garde Limousines & Coach. We will pick you up at your designated location and then we’ll bypass all the lines and drive right into the track with a police escort. You never have to worry about finding your car in a parking lot at the end of the day or trying to summon a rideshare at surge pricing.


At the largest party of the year, you can bet there is alcohol. You can bring your own in your cooler, or there are plenty of stands that sell beer, wine, and cocktails. On especially hot days where you’re walking around a lot, your blood will circulate through you faster, causing you to feel more buzzed than you probably normally would. As it gets hotter, you will get thirsty and might drink a refreshing beer instead of water. By the time the race is over, you won’t want to risk your life or anybody else’s by getting behind the wheel.

When you reserve your Indy 500 Transportation Services through Avant Garde Limousines & Coach, you will get a designated driver for the day. The driver will stay with the vehicle throughout the day and you can contact if you can’t find them. Having a driver is not only a good idea to keep everyone safe, but this way everyone can party to the fullest, so no one has to be the designated driver.


Because our drivers stay in the vehicle for the entire event, they keep the vehicle at a comfortable temperate. We leave the air conditioning running for you in case you want to return to the vehicle. An air-conditioned vehicle might be the break you need to chill out before you go back to partying.

If the weather changes on you, you can keep your coat and other personal belongings in the limousine as well. Keep your purse and other personal items safe from pickpockets by having it stored safely in a nearby vehicle.

Our limo coach is our ultimate party vehicle. With a leather interior, LED lighting, and 2 build in bars, you may not want to leave during the race. It can accommodate up to 16 people. If your group gets separated, you all have a home base to meet back at. But with air conditioning and comfortable seating, you might not want to leave the vehicle all day. Or hang outside the vehicle and tailgate to create the perfect outdoor party.


Reservations for the Indy 500 go very fast. We recommend booking almost a year in advance so you won’t be left out of the party this year. Contact us today and one of our associates will be happy to set up your Indy 500 Festivities today!

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