I don’t know about you, but every time I see a limo on the road I get excited. Limos are head turners and they symbolize fun and good times. Weddings also share the same symbolic meaning as limos, so why not show your guests that they are going to have a great time by hiring a limo for transportation. Below are three more great reasons why renting a limo for your wedding guests is a great way to start a wedding.


Safety Reasons

As mentioned, weddings symbolize a night of fun and eventful times with close friends and family. Many times this can mean that alcohol will be involved. If the wedding guests are drinking before the wedding, they do not have to worry about getting there safely because they will have a responsible limo driver. The same goes for going from the ceremony to the reception. No one will have to worry about drinking and driving since they will be comfortable riding with their friends in a limo.

Great Way to Start the Night

It’s not every day that a group of friends gets to ride in a limo, so there will be a general buzz of excitement before it arrives. When the limo does arrive to take everyone to the wedding, it will come with certain accessories to get the night started. There will be a bar area where wedding guests can safely drink and not have to worry about transportation. A party ambiance will be created with the lights and blue tooth radio. There are also USB ports so everyone’s phone will be fully charged to take a lot of pictures of the wedding. The limo ride and the accessories it provides is a great way to set the tone for the night.

Keeps the Guests Together

There may be a chance that all the guests are not staying at the same hotel. So, a limo will make it more convenient for you and your guests to arrive at the wedding on time at the same time. Since members of both sides of the family are having guests, the limo is also a great chance for the guests to meet each other and socialize before the wedding. Having a limo pick up your guests will allow all of them to arrive on time and will give them the opportunity to become familiar with each other before they have a great night at the wedding.


What’s stopping you from giving your wedding guests just as great of a night that you’ll be having on your wedding day? Avante Garde limos would love to assist you in finding the perfect luxury vehicle to start and end your wedding night.  Contact us to learn more about renting a luxury limo for your big day.



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